Cotswold Players present ANNE BOLEYN Tues 20th-Sat 24th November
"Why is it that all we do in the name of God is always exactly the same as what we need to do in our own self-interest?”

A celebration of a great heroine, Anne Boleyn dramatises the life and legacy of Henry VIII’s notorious second wife, who helped change the course of the nation’s history. Traditionally seen as either the pawn of an ambitious family manoeuvred into the King’s bed or as a predator manipulating her way to power, Anne – and her ghost – are seen in a very different light in Howard Brenton’s epic play.

Rummaging through the dead Queen Elizabeth’s possessions upon coming to the throne in 1603, King James1 finds alarming evidence that Anne was a religious conspirator, in love with Henry VIII but also with the most dangerous ideas of her day. She comes alive for him, a brilliant but reckless young woman confident in her sexuality, whose marriage and death transformed England for ever. TICKETS £12

A Film - ‘The Ballet of the Nations’ – Thursday 29th November only
Actor Billy Zane narrates this 50-minute arthouse film in which war is imagined as a diabolical dance choreographed by Satan and Ballet Master Death.The film begins as Satan and Ballet Master Death discuss how to reintroduce chaos into a complacent society.

Impermanence presents their first short-feature film, inspired by the pacifist satire. The Ballet of the Nations was written in 1915 as a response to the outbreak of war. The film incorporates original dialogue inspired by Lee’s text, among intricate and stylised dance pieces, with an original soundtrack.The origin was rooted in a culture of experimental performance that grew in Britain during the war, against the grain of mainstream theatre and often in sympathy with the peace movement. The production reanimates that world of movement, sound and design, using archives, art, film and photographs to develop a rich evocation of the wartime artistic response.

TICKETS £8 (concessions £6)


1st: Baroque Theatre’s Edith in the Dark

4th: Ballet Cymru—A child’s Christmas in Wales

5th, 6th, 7th—Cotswold Players’ “A Wonderful Life”, St Lawrence Church

Details on the Cotswold Players’ website and in the December issue of this magazine. All tickets online at or tel.0333 666 3366