Servers Rota - August/September 2019

Date MC Crucifer Acolytes Thurifer Boat Deacon
4-Aug-19 All Age Worship Margaret Sheather Margaret Sheather Simon Ritter      Linda Jarvis
Green       Ian Jarvis      
Ian Jarvis Ian Jarvis Victoria Glazier John Jutsum    Linda Jarvis
Green       Simon Ritter      
18-Aug-19  9am Servers  Not Required      
Green  Church in Big Top            
John Jutsum John Jutsum Richard Hughes Margaret Sheather    Jamie D-Hamilton
Green       Liz Hughes      
1-Sep-19  All Age Worship
Ian Jarvis Ian Jarvis Jamie D-Hamilton      
Green       Simon Ritter      
Richard Hughes Richard Hughes Victoria Glazier Liz Hughes    
Green       Margaret Sheather      
John Jutsum John Jutsum Simon Ritter Ian Jarvis    
Green       Jamie D-Hamilton      
Margaret Sheather Margaret Sheather Victoria Glazier Wendy Fontaine    
Green       Ian Jarvis      
29-Sep-19 St Michael and
Margaret Sheather Margaret Sheather Richard Hughes Liz Hughes    
White         All Angels     Victoria Glazier      

If you are unable to do your Sunday please do your best to swap with someone.