Crucifer Notes

1. From the Sacristy you follow the Thurifer and boat person, if there is one as far as the Altar Rail, passing the lectern on the left. As the Thurifer and Boat go left, go right and stand facing east leaving room for an Acolyte on your left. The MC and the Deacon will stand between the two Acolytes. When all are in a line, at a cue from the Deacon, all except the Crucifer and Acolytes, and including the President, who is standing facing east in front of the Lectern, will genuflect.

2. The Deacon and MC then enter the sanctuary, followed by the Acolytes and Thurifer. The Deacon places the Gospel Book on the Altar and returns to the Lectern. The MC goes to stand in front of the seats on the south side. The Crucifer puts the Cross in the holder at the end of the Choir stalls and enters the Sanctuary and goes to stand in front of the seats on the south side.

3. Please stand for the Confession and sit for the Intercessions

4. During the Gradual hymn, at a signal from the MC, the Crucifer and Acolytes will form up at the east end of the choir. The MC will take the Gospel Book from the Altar, open it at the correct page and carry it at the back of the procession. The Procession moves forward and stops with the Crucifer one pace in front of the front pew. The Crucifer and Acolytes then turn to face east while the Gospel Book is being censed.

5. After this, when the MC moves towards you, turn and lead the Gospel Procession to the middle of the church. Stop at the pews with the brackets for the Church Wardens’ staves and turn to face the Gospel. If the acolytes have had to move forward to be close to the MC then the Crucifer should also move forward a little to form a cluster. At the end of the Gospel the others should all stand aside to allow the Crucifer to lead the procession back to the screen. Place the cross in its stand and, with the acolytes, bow your head briefly (others will take their cue from you) and take a seat on the front pews.

6. At the end of the intercessions, move to form an arc either side of the President and Deacon for the Peace. After exchanging the peace, take the cross and stand on the Chancel steps facing East. At a word from the MC the Procession moves to the Altar rail.

7. At the altar rail, move well to the right as before. At a signal from the President all except acolytes and Crucifer genuflect. As soon as the President and others start to move into the sanctuary, go and put the cross in its holder and move into the sanctuary.

8. Move to stand in front of the seats on the south side and join in the singing of the hymn. When the Thurifer turns to face the Choir and Altar party to cense them, turn to face west.

9. When the Crucifer sees the sides persons coming up with the collection they move to the altar rail to receive it (the wine acolyte may also do this), turn and offer it to a priest to bless it. Then place it out of the way under the bench or chairs.

10. When the people have been censed and the Thurifer has returned to the sanctuary put the kneeler in place and shut the gate in the altar rail. Take up position on the right with the MC and Acolyte. Remain standing until after the invitation to communion and then, on cue from the MC, stand and move to the centre in one line; genuflect and then move up one step and kneel together in front of the Altar. All receive communion or a blessing, then stand, bow heads briefly and return to seat on the south side. Again, all sit on cue from the MC. Please do not chat.

11. After the last communicant has left the altar rail, open the gate, remove the kneeler and take the cross and lead the procession to give communion to those in the congregation unable to manage the steps. If there are sick communicants in the side aisles, the north aisle should be done first from the back, and then the south aisle from the front. Do not return to the sanctuary but take up your place in the choir stalls.

12. As the other servers begin to leave the sanctuary, take the cross from its holder and face east until the party leaving the Sanctuary have genuflected. The Thurifer will lead the group with the Crucifer at the rear. Follow the group down to the chancel step and stop immediately in front of the Screen behind the Priest. After the dismissal walk round to the right, to take up your correct place in the procession, following the Thurifer.

13. After the vestry prayer, return the cross to its place and then assist with clearing the items from the credence table etc.

WARNING! The cross is heavy and tall so allow space to lower it under the screen and the vestry doorway. Rest it on the ground if necessary at the gospel reading and the dismissal, but if you are able to hold it throughout these times, it makes a good focal point.

Crucifer notes v2013