Servers Rota - June/July 2019

Date MC Crucifer Acolytes Thurifer Boat Deacon
2-Jun-19 Ian Jarvis Ian Jarvis Jamie D-Hamilton     Margaret Sheather
White     Simon Ritter      
9-Jun-19  Pentecost
Richard Hughes Richard Hughes Liz Hughes     Ian Jarvis
Red   All Age Worship
    Victoria Glazier      
Trinity Sunday
Margaret Sheather Margaret Sheather Richard Hughes     Linda Jarvis/JF
    Liz Hughes      
23-Jun-19 Corpus Christi
John Jutsum John Jutsum Victoria Glazier Ian Jarvis   MS/AW
White     Jamie D-Hamilton      
30-Jun-19 Ian Jarvis Ian Jarvis Simon Ritter Margaret Sheather   Jamie D-Hamilton
    John Jutsum      
7-Jul-19  All Age Worship
John Jutsum John Jutsum Richard Hughes      
Green       Liz Hughes      
Margaret Sheather Margaret Sheather Jamie D-Hamilton Ian Jarvis    
Green       Simon Ritter      
Ian Jarvis Ian Jarvis Jamie D-Hamilton Margaret Sheather    
Green       Victoria Glazier      
Richard Hughes Richard Hughes Victoria Glazier Liz Hughes    
Green       Simon Ritter      

If you are unable to do your Sunday please do your best to swap with someone.

Annual Report - April 2018

The servers’ role is quietly to support the dignity and the drama of our worship, whether at a routine Sunday Eucharist or one of the major festival services of the church’s year. This year has been rather different as we adapted our roles to the changes in worship required as we used the school hall and then the different arrangements over the Christmas period

The serving team is now an experienced one and I am very grateful for their commitment and the flexibility that enables us to fulfil this role reliably in normal times and responded well to the different arrangements during re-ordering work. However, we continue to be a small team, and it would be very good to add two or three more members to the team. A larger group means we can share the tasks more widely and cope better with holidays and other absences. We all started from scratch at one time so no special expertise is needed! If you are interested in joining the team and would like to know more about what’s involved, or can suggest someone who might be interested then please do speak to me or any of the current team members.

Margaret Sheather (Senior Server)