Retirement of Bishop Patrick in Masasi


Many of you will have met Patrick Mwachiko, the Bishop of Masasi, on one of his several visits to Minchinhampton since 1996. In February 2013 he will be 65 and in accordance with the rules of the Anglican Church of Tanzania, he will have to retire.

He and his wife Emmy have made quite an impression on the folk of Minchinhampton, with his preaching, sharing of hospitality with us, and on one occasion they taught us to sing a Tanzanian song, in Swahili. This will be a time of significant change for them particularly, as they will need to find a new home; their previous house was provided by Rondo School where he was head teacher, before Patrick was elected Bishop and they have lived in the Bishop’s House ever since.

This has caused some concern as the new house has to be far enough away from the present Cathedral to allow his successor time to develop their own Episcopal ministry, yet not too remote as they cannot receive any future visitors. There is also the matter of moving their farm animals and starting a new smallholding to grow food.

All this will be expensive for Patrick and Emmy and beyond their limited means, a site has been found and paid for by donations and an appeal has been made across the UK supporters to ask for further funds, to build a suitable house. If you would like to support this appeal with a small gift please give it to Linda or Steve Jarvis; any cheques should be payable to Minchinhampton PCC- Masasi.
Thank you.

Revd Stephen J Jarvis