Baraka - A Student Sponsored in Masasi

Below is a report written by Baraka, a medical student who is supported by donations from Minchinhampton church, whom the Minchinhampton group met when they were in Masasi in May.

Baraka“I am the fifth born in the family of 7 children. I am 25 years old. I have five sisters and one brother. My father is a retired primary teacher and mother is a home wife. I have completed ordinary secondary education in 2012 at Rondo Junior Seminary, where I was sponsored by the Bishop Trevor Huddleston Fund for the last four years.
Then I succeeded in joining advanced secondary education in Songea boys secondary school. I took science subjects, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. I also took basic applied mathematics and general studies as additional sub- jects. I completed advanced secondary education in 2015 and was selected to join in the "Jeshi La Kujenga Taifa" (nation building army) for three months.

In January 2016 I went to Rondo Junior Seminary as a part time teacher, teaching Mathematics and Physics for nine months, then joined Mtwara Medical Training Centre where I take Clinical Medicine, the three years course. I expect to complete in September 2019. The government has decided to initiate the "Mama Na Mtoto" programme which helps pregnant women to get free health services. The programme is aimed at reducing maternal and infants mortality. The challenge of this course is lack of staff to teach us. The staff are few as compared to student ratio and this makes it difficult for them to manage their work hence delay in completing modules and delay to attend clinical area. Also learning materials like books are not enough for the use of all students.

Despite those challenges, I am now able to take patient history, perform physical examination, prescribe and do simple procedures like, incision and drainage, stitching and manage simple fractures, and so on. I hope I will be more competent in performing other medical procedures and attend many cases the year to come and I will be in position to work in a health centre and not in dispensary level only as I do this year. My ambition is to continue studying in the degree programme where I would like to specialize in surgery. My dream is to make Mtandi dispensary not remaining at dispensary level. It should become a health centre, then a hospital. I hope God will help to reach my dreams. “