Annual Report - April 2018

Our sponsorship of Barack's training in Mtwara has continued and we remain optimistic that in the fullness of time there will be a functioning Dispensary in Mtwara. The Cornwall Bursary continued and past student Douglas Patrick has benefited from his studies and succeeded in his business activities.

Bishop James did a sponsored ''Birthday Walk'' from Sidano the place of his birth, close to the Mozambique border on the Diocese of Newala to the Cathedral at Mtandi a distance of 60 kms. The goal for the fund raising is to build is to build a Girls Secondary School at Namasakata. Bishop James had hoped to raise £40,000 towards the project. Initially £26,000 was achieved by Bishop James and the local community.

This was subsequently topped up by two generous benefactors. Bishop James was suitably in awe of such a marvellous result. We expect to hear more of the plans for this much needed school later this year during our forthcoming visit.

The restoration of the Rondo Chapel continues to be a challenge. Steve Jarvis and the team will be carrying out an inspection during their visit. We understand there are still problems with the roof (leaking), and the glazing to the windows. Previously the chapel benefited from financial support from the Jerusalem Trust. At present there is £3,958.60 in the Rondo fund.

There are many challenges for those living in Masai and Newala. Thankfully there are other churches in the United Kingdom that have an infinity with our brothers and sisters in the Diocese. During our visit this summer we shall be following up our support for the local schools, the blind school and the support needed for the albino children. Simple aids of creams, floppy hats are always welcome.. We are lucky in having the support of a Trustee who helps on matters ophthalmic. Equally we expect to have further news of projects such as rainwater harvesting and general maintenance facilities which we may take for granted but may need assistance where the local contractors are starved of supplies.

In conclusion Holy Trinity Minchinhampton is blessed to have a historic connection (Rev'd John Cornwall), with Masai. Equally our friends in Tanzania are grateful for the support from our Parish. That appreciation is not just for the physical support we provide; but also for the fact we care and we hold the Diocese in our thoughts and prayers.

Andrew Watton