Visit to Masasi - September 2012


A group, mainly from Minchinhampton, visited Masasi in September to hold a HIV/AIDS conference for 36 young men of the Masasi diocese. The conference was very successful and was greatly appreciated by the young men. At the end of the conference they gave us the following letter:
Dear Tutors from England who led the AIDS Seminar,

We all who attended this seminar want to thank you for coming to us. You came and gave us excellent teaching in the form of lessons about AIDS – that great calamity which has affected the whole world.

We now want to tell you that we are ready to pass on this teaching to our people, those who live around us in the Diocese of Masasi; and the whole community of our nation of Tanzania. We believe that this short course of instruction is a sufficient explanation which we can put to work in teaching people of both genders, and both rich and poor. Most especially it applies to those in the 18-40 age-group where we need to challenge risky behaviour, as we learned from your instruction.

We long that the blessing of Almighty God will go ahead of you, so that you may come again and take part in another seminar in the days ahead. God, who is faithful, is the ruler of the world; may he go before you constantly.

With many thanks.”
This speech was prepared by the seminar participants, who are members of parishes in the Diocese of Masasi.