The Rondo Chapel

Appeal Progress Report.

The Chapel at Rondo Seminary and school in the Diocese of Tanzania was built by Trevor Huddleston during his time as Bishop.
The chapel has some beautiful stained glass friezes designed and made by Jonathan Kingdon. Sadly the chapel maintenance is beyond the means of the local people and for some time there has been a need to repair damage by termites, white ants and the weather. The window frames were hanging, and many tiles were missing from the roof allowing the ingress of water. Several of the stained glass windows have pieces missing and need repairing, before this damage deteriorates further.

In 2009 the Parish of Minchinhampton to celebrate the anniversary of their 50 years of association with the Diocese of Masasi launched an appeal to raise funds to cover the costs of these repairs and also to install solar lighting within the chapel. The chapel is currently poorly lit by a few battery powered bulbs which are totally inadequate for the size of the building and restrict the use of the building.
The chapel and Seminary are dedicated to St Cyprian as it was founded on his day, September 25th, in 1965 and so this year will be the 50th anniversary. The stained glass windows are dated 1966 and so were added a little later.
Some of the repairs which were essential and to some extent emergency work have been undertaken and the pictures below show the changes so far.
The appeal is still open and with tremendous support from the Charity, The Friends of Masasi and Newala, just over £10500 has been raised so far. The total costs will be in the order of £30000 and the Friends are launching their own appeal to help with finding all the funds needed. You can still make donations to The Reverend Steve Jarvis, 8 Ollney Road, Minchinhampton, Stroud GL6 9BX Telephone: 01453 884545 if you wish to support the ongoing repairs.

The church has charitable status by an act of Parliament and so donations can be gift aided. If you are a UK tax payer and wish to gift aid your donation please download a gift aid form, complete it in favour of Minchinhampton P.C.C. and send with your cheque which should be made payable to Minchinhampton PCC-Masasi. Thank you for your support.

To view photographs of the stained glass please click here

masasi001 image003

The North West wall before the repair, showing the broken and missing clear glass windows. See also the damaged wooden support frame.


After the repairs, with new wooden supports and clear glass replaced. There is still a need to repair the stained glass, as can be seen in the blue of the second frieze of a cow.


The North East wall which has been refurbished and broken clear glass panes replaced as well as the metal frames removed and repainted. Finished wall below.