News from the Bell Tower - September 2015

On June 20th the Stroud Branch of the Gloucester and Bristol Association of Church Bellringers held a striking competition at Haresfield Church. The competition is designed to test the accuracy of ringing the bells which in turn helps the ringers to produce a much more joyful sound when ringing at Sunday Service or practice night.

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Annual Report - April 2015

Once again, 2014 was a good year in the Tower. Unfortunately we lost the expertise of Andrew Fleming before Easter but gained enormously from the arrival of Tony Natt who is a great asset to the tower.

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News from the Belltower - 18 November 2014

On Sat 8th Nov, at the Church Bell Ringers Stroud Branch AGM held at Horsley, our Tower Captain, Angie Ayling, was awarded "Ringer of the Year" prize for the best individual progress in method ringing, including ringing at other towers. Ringing different methods is a major challenge and achievement, and we all hope this will be reflected in our ringing here in Minchinhampton.

We also have received a special thank you from Helen as well as members of the congregation for the special half muffled ringing we arranged for Remembrance Sunday.

William Page, Tower Secretary


News from the Belltower - November 2014

We have been very pleased to welcome visiting ringers to the tower recently as well as benefit from a new (returning) ringer - Tony - who has moved into the town. Three of us attended separate training sessions at the district autumn training day, learning Steadman Doubles, Grandsire Triples and Cambridge Surprise Minor. Now we need the opportunity to practise our newly acquired skills!

We are, as ever, always on the look-out for new ringers so, if you would like to find out what we do up in the tower on a Friday evening (7.30 p.m- 9 p.m) or Sunday morning, do get in touch - 01453 833192 - or just come up the stairs when we are ringing.

Angie Ayling (Tower Captain)

Dedication of the new bell rope tail-ends

On Friday May 2nd, the ropes in the bell ringing chamber were dedicated by the Rector during her first visit up the tower. Prior to the blessing of the ropes - the tail-ends of which had recently been replaced as they were worn out – the Rector took a climb to the very top of the church tower and was able to survey her whole parish.

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Annual Report - April 2014

2013 was a successful year for Minchinhampton Tower in many ways.
We opened up the tower during the Country Fayre and had a lot of visitors who were keen to see the bells, plus some others who wanted to try ringing. This has hopefully publicised our existence more widely and we can only hope that it will lead in the long run to some new ringers being interested in joining us.

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From the Belfry records December 1914

A Muffled Quarter Peal
1260 changes

On Thursday evening December 10th 1914, a muffled quarter peal of Grandsire Doubles was rung as a last mark of respect to Private Albert Workman, who lost his life owing to a bullet wound received in the war; and was buried in the afternoon of the above date with full military honours. This was rung by the following ringers:-
George Packer – Treble       Edward Jefferies - 4th
Frank Ponting – 2nd       Harry Barratt – 5th
Henry D. Newman – 3rd       Victor Hathaway - Tenor
Conducted by Edward Jefferies

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