Dedication of the new bell rope tail-ends

On Friday May 2nd, the ropes in the bell ringing chamber were dedicated by the Rector during her first visit up the tower. Prior to the blessing of the ropes - the tail-ends of which had recently been replaced as they were worn out – the Rector took a climb to the very top of the church tower and was able to survey her whole parish.
Those present at the dedication, and pictured above (left to right), were:
Naoko Ponter, Jean Hand, Mandy Brooking, Sally Haigh, Angie Ayling, Karen Timms, Paul Verney (all ringers), Sabine Klauer (beginner visiting from Germany), Helen Bailey (the Rector), David Goldsmith, William Page (also ringers).
Following the dedication, the bells were rung up, some cake and celebratory drinks were enjoyed and then the ringing practice began.
The ringing team is sad to have lost the expertise of Andrew Fleming very recently as he has moved to Coventry; consequently the team is limited once again in which methods can be rung. However, those who have learnt to ring more recently (in the last 6-10 months) are making excellent progress and will soon be joining the rest in methods such as Bob Minimus and Grandsire as well as the more basic Hunting.
New ringers are still actively sought so, if you have an interest in seeing what happens up the tower on a Sunday morning and Friday evening, do come and find out! Either ring Angie on 01453 833192 or call in when you hear us ringing – ideally on a Friday evening, 7.30-9 p.m. Simply come up the spiral staircase which is located on the north-east corner of the church building.