From the Belfry records December 1914

A Muffled Quarter Peal
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On Thursday evening December 10th 1914, a muffled quarter peal of Grandsire Doubles was rung as a last mark of respect to Private Albert Workman, who lost his life owing to a bullet wound received in the war; and was buried in the afternoon of the above date with full military honours. This was rung by the following ringers:-
George Packer – Treble       Edward Jefferies - 4th
Frank Ponting – 2nd       Harry Barratt – 5th
Henry D. Newman – 3rd       Victor Hathaway - Tenor
Conducted by Edward Jefferies
The Rev'd F.D. Bateman resigned the Living at Easter 1915. He still resides at the Old Rectory, which he purchased through the ecclesiastical commissioners. The Coigne being purchased for the New Rectory. He did not take very great interest in the bells, probably owing to his being unable to appreciate the music of them being afflicted with deafness.
He was succeeded by the Revd. F.W. Sears, Vicar of Nailsworth. Mr. Sears takes a great interest in ringing having had some practical knowledge of the art some years previously.
He takes his place for service ringing and practises whenever his duties will permit him to do so, and he never seems to be more pleased than when he has a bell-rope in his hand. He was inducted by the Bishop of Gloucester on Saturday 19th June 1915. The bells being rung for the occasion, by the present band of ringers.