News from the Bell Tower - January 2020

We are very pleased to have three learners at present (not that we are not all learning all the time actually, but these are beginner-learners!). Sheryl has been learning since July while Bea and Charlie only started in November. All are making excellent progress, having been helped by receiving some individual practice outside of the usual Friday practice night. These sessions have been on a muffled bell, which you may have heard tolling on the odd evening.

It is said that it takes about 12 hours to learn how to handle a bell properly, but that means 12 hours on the end of a rope, not just 12 hours in the ringing chamber. At a Friday practice, a learner may only have the opportunity for three or four 5-minute goes.

If you are interested in finding out more about what we get up to in the Bell Tower, please come along on a Friday evening, 7.30pm or ring Angie on 884203.