News from the Bell Tower - March 2019


BelltowerA0319On February 10th, 7 of our ringers plus 2 spouses went to Colesbourne to ring at the church there, which is in the grounds of Colesbourne Park. The estate is owned by a former Lord Lieutenant Sir Henry Elwes and each year he opens it up for people to visit the wonderful snowdrops and partake of delicious teas.

This was our 4th visit; bellringers—mostly from the Cheltenham area—are invited to ring for one Saturday or Sunday afternoon whilst the gardens are open. There are 5 bells on the ground floor, so visitors to the gardens can come into the church and watch the ringing in action. The bells are very light—the heaviest being the same weight as our lightest—so they take a bit of getting used to!

We are busy practising for our diocesan association striking competition in April. This is being held in the Forest of Dean—with care being taken by the organisers to hold the event at a tower that will not be familiar to any of the competing teams. Whilst for the branch striking competition (which we won) we were required to ring for about 5 minutes, this time the ringing will have to be twice as long—with every strike of each bell being judged by the assessors, so it is likely to be a nerve-wracking affair!

Angie Ayling, Tower Captain