Annual Report - April 2018

2017 was another successful year in the ringing chamber (and in the Tower as a whole, as some preliminary steps have been taken to address the sound proofing). The standard of ringing continues to improve steadily- even though it can sometimes be two steps forward one step back- and for the second successive year we were nominated 'Tower of the Year'. During 2017 we practiced on a total of 43 Fridays. There was no practice on six occasions:- Good Friday, too few ringers, Stuart Singers Concert (x2), no electricity and on the 29th of December, however there had been an extra ringing on Christmas Day and there was to be ringing twice on December 31st. The average number of ringers at practices was 9.
There was ringing every Sunday morning except two and in addition there were eight quarter peel attempts of which seven were successful. We rang for the Snow Drop Festival at Colesbourne as we will this year and enjoyed an outing in May to the Tewksbury/Gloucester area. There were no weddings due to the Re-ordering which had been planned to start in April but in the event did not do so until August 2017.
In June we once again took part in the branch Striking Competition which was held in Upper Cam. Our team was Tony, Paul, Mick, Naoko, Richard and Angie and, rather to our dismay we came last! However we enjoyed the barbecue at Horsley afterwards. We can now aim to improve on this when we take part again this year!

Angie Ayling