News from the Bell Tower - December 2016

Over the past few weeks we have been thrilled to have a number of new ringers turn up to learn - including some teenage boys who have made rapid progress. While they are learning, much of their ringing will be on a 'tied' bell, that is, the clapper is tied so that it does not strike; this makes it more pleasant for anyone outside the church who may be within earshot! Once the learners can handle a bell competently, they will join in ringing with others, so at that point one can expect the ringing to be a little less polished for a while. Bear with us as it will soon improve!

Towards the end of October, there was a national 'Quarter Peal ' week during which a few of us rang with others from a variety of towers to notch up some quarter peals; this entails ringing a total of 1260 changes and it takes about 45 minutes during which no mistakes are permitted. Once achieved, the quarter peal is submitted to a national directory and recorded for posterity.

We are aiming to start ringing quarter peals at the tower with more regularity as our more experienced ringers gain in competence and confidence. We are hoping to ring regularly for choral evensong (on the 1st or 3rd Sunday of the month), commencing ringing at about 4.30pm. This will improve our method ringing as well as remind parishioners that a service is about to begin.

Angie Ayling
Tower Captain