News from the Beltower - March 2016

Bellringers0316The bellringers enjoyed a visit to Colesbourne Park on Feb 6th and rang the bells in the church while visitors struggled round the vast grounds, in the driving rain, looking at the snowdrops. The owner of the park - Sir Henry Elwes - invites ringers from local towers to come, by arrangement, and ring on the 5 Saturdays and Sundays each year when the park is open for people to see the spectacular snowdrops.

We were 8 ringers in all with 4 spouses; as the church has only 5 bells, we also had the opportunity to brave the elements and walk in the woodlands and park, looking at the snowdrops, when we were not ringing. We had quite an audience at times as visitors of all ages came in to look at the church and watch us ring. It was fortunate that the bells are rung on the ground floor at the back of the church so people can easily watch. We finished off the afternoon with a welcome mug of tea and large slab of cake in the tea room.

The photo shows Paul, Naoko, Tony (hidden), William and Sally ringing.

Angie, Tower Captain