News from the Tower - November 2015

We do hope that you appreciate the improved standard of ringing sounding from the tower over the past months. This is due in no small part to the arrival a year ago of Tony Natt, who has been able to share with us his vast experience and expertise. Several of us have attended Branch ringing sessions, regular practices in other towers as well as our own and the Glos. Association autumn training day and, in September, Naoko rang her first quarter peal (44 mins of ringing a specific method) when the bells were rung after the service for the rededication of the Sanctus bell. This was a great achievement!

We are still, as ever, keen to welcome new or returning ringers to the tower. Just turn up on a Friday evening (7.30pm-9pm) or phone me on 884203.
Angie Ayling, Tower Captain