Annual Report - April 2015

Once again, 2014 was a good year in the Tower. Unfortunately we lost the expertise of Andrew Fleming before Easter but gained enormously from the arrival of Tony Natt who is a great asset to the tower.

On Sunday mornings, we often have had more than 6 ringers and the same goes for practices where, occasionally, numbers have been augmented by visitors from neighbouring towers. It has been beneficial to go to Woodchester on the odd occasions when we have not been able to practise here (e.g. when the lights failed recently). Some of us have rung regularly at Stroud, Horsley, Eastington and elsewhere, which has given us the opportunity to learn and practise a wider variety of methods. Three of us attended the 'advanced' training day and between us, a few quarter peals have been notched up over the year. Angie, our Captain, was given the award of 'Bellringer of the year' for the Stroud District.

Much progress is being constantly made by all, with methods (e.g. Grandsire, Bob Doubles, Cloisters) being rung regularly on Sunday mornings as well as Fridays; those ringers not quite managing these methods are increasingly confidently now able to treble to a method. It is noticeable that the standard of ringing generally has improved; we often now raise and lower in peal, which we never used to do. A very positive compliment from the churchwarden recently confirmed that people outside are noticing the improvement!

We enjoyed a fantastic tower outing in May when we visited towers in the north of the county. Thanks are due to Paul, David and William for their work in amongst the bells themselves. Without this voluntary labour, we would be totally unable to maintain our ringing.

Angie Ayling