Annual Report - April 2018

Messy Church is flourishing in spite of having an enforced break during the Re-ordering. Good Friday Messy Church and Water of Life Messy Church in June last year, were both well attended. Our next Messy Church was Christingle which took place mainly in the Porch Room and was huge fun despite of being very cramped and slightly chaotic. We were able to use the Church more for Messy Church which was well attended even though it was a Sunday afternoon rather than a Wednesday afternoon after school. The parents and children are very keen to enjoy themselves and make the the best of the slight difficulties thrown up by the Re-ordering. We have a dedicated team of helpers which seems to be growing. This means people do not have to help out at all the sessions. My thanks to all those who support and help with with this essential and rewarding part of our Church's mission.

Alison Wood