January 2018

An update on the financial progress of the 6Ps Appeal:

Protecting the Past, Preserving the Present, Planning for Posterity.

By the time you read this all our services will be taking place back in our Church and we will have been able to see the excellent progress that has been made in implementing Phase One of the re-ordering process. It seems therefore to be an appropriate time to review where we are in our fundraising campaign and to assess what more we have to do to achieve our objective of “Protecting the Past, Preserving the Present and Planning for Posterity”.

Much of the first two has been done and more will follow in the New Year. In our original article we anticipated the overall estimate would be in the region of £1.25 million. Once we have firm estimates for the further stages it looks as if the overall cost may well be close to that figure, despite the fact that we have encountered problems along the way that have added unforeseen amounts to the total. We must congratulate and thank the many people involved on the project for the great way that many difficulties have been faced and solved.

Turning to the fundraising itself the grand total promised is almost exactly £700.000 and is very close to covering all of the first phase. Obviously we were so fortunate to have a wonderful start with the generous donation from the David Thomas Trust but an additional £300,000 has been raised from-other trusts, local companies, fundraising events and individual donations. The latter item accounts for well over £100,000 of which a significant proportion has come from members of the community in addition to Church members. We are so grateful to both groups of people particularly as it emphasises that this is a community project and not solely a matter for the Church. We are also so thankful to all those who have organised events of all sizes, and local companies for their generosity.

We now have to turn our attention to financing the remaining work for the first two phases and tackling the third phase” Planning for Posterity”. We have run a campaign within a campaign to obtain donations for the chairs. This has been very rewarding in that approximately two thirds of the cost has been contributed and it is our hope that we can continue to fund the rest in a similar manner particularly as it gives people the opportunity to both commemorate events and remember those people significant in their lives.

The remaining items identified at the start of our campaign are as follows :

1 A more welcoming entry

2 New Sound system

3.Lady Chapel Chairs.

4 Lighting

5.Nave Altar and dais


We are in the process of refining the original estimates for this work which can be carried out as we raise the additional funds. Some, such as the organ-the most expensive-will become projects in themselves, and there are different trusts that can be approached for funding. Many as a principle require us to match their donations so we will need to continue our various fundraising activities as vigorously as before. At the same time some of these specific items may attract donors who have a particular interest in one or other of them.

As has been previously noted we have already done extremely well in a relatively short space of time. Once we have completed the new entry system the disruptive work will be finished and we will be able to benefit from everything we have so far achieved. That, we hope, will give us the impetus to go on and finish what we are sure will stand for many years to come as a magnificent achievement. 

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