14 November - Good progress is maintained

The final delivery of Chairs and Choir Stands is due at the end November. 100 chairs at £200 each have received sponsorship, 200 more to go! The choir stands, of which there are 12, accommodate 2 people each and cost £812-50. Four have already received sponsorship just 8 more to go. The choir stands have been specially made by Chris Thompson, a local furniture designer. They are made of oak, to blend with the Theo chair, and have been designed to reflect different shapes within the church, such as the arches and the 'sign of the trinity': this sign will also be picked up in the nave with darker stone in the new floor.

Chair sponsorship forms and reordering gift aid forms, which can be marked 'for a choir stand,' are on the shelf at the back of the Porch room. any queries please do let us know.

With kind regards from the Church Wardens, Howard Browning and Mandy Jutsum