6 October - Project Update

We are still on schedule for Advent! The builders have started work on building up a solid floor base; the archeological work on site is almost completed (see reports on this page and http://urban-archaeology.blogspot.co.uk). Water in the church: a blocked drainage culvert found running under the church will be used as a useful route for rainwater disposal from the north side north/south side of church; the cistern discovered under the sacristy will be drained and safely investigated towards the best solution. The architect, archaeologist, builder and structural engineer have been collaborating closely to preserve our ancient building and it clearly needed it! Donations for the 6P’s campaign can be made using the reordering gift aid envelopes available in the Porch room or from the Church office in Butt Street. Similarly Chair sponsorship leaflets.

Mandy and Howard, Church Wardens.