The 6P’s PROJECT goes ahead!

Thank you for the amazing amount of support received in getting the first and biggest phase of this project off the ground. 


Project update from the churchwardens

Work started in August with the successful removal of asbestos which had been found located around some of the heating pipes and the boiler. Pew removal and preparation for the installation of the new boiler and heating system follows on. We’re delighted that all of the pews are being re-housed within the Parish including with Minchinhampton Rugby Club, Gatcombe Park and people who have wanted one or two to commemorate a special occasion or as a memory of the church as it was.

As many of you will know there was no floor under the pew platforms, just stone, earth and a void. As Chiz Harward, our archaeologist, established with his trial pits earlier this year the Victorians did a ‘very good job’ in creating a clearly defined square void when they knocked down and cleared most of the medieval church and rebuilt the one we have today. A great deal of material is therefore needed to fill this area and to provide layers of insulation beneath the new heating system. ‘Jupiter’ is the system we have been approved to use. It is very up to date technologically and highly recommended for the preservation of historic buildings with very low levels of heat provided to support buildings that were not built with heating in mind and to combat the damp which is particularly apparent in this one. With this and a modern boiler system we are, in line with the experience of Holy Trinity Church, Bradford-on-Avon, hopeful of much reduced heating bills as well as redecorating costs. The Jupiter system will also contribute to the reduction of the effects of the dampness which is taking the paint off some of the stained glass windows.

The Jupiter system of heating is covered by terracotta tiles: there is therefore no screed required which saves time on drying out. This will enable the church to be opened in time for Christmas, but please do not be alarmed when you see an all red floor! During January and February, stone slabs, matching the current limestone flooring, will be laid with different sections of the church being sectioned off as the work progresses. Easter will see a beautiful stone floor with the feature of the Holy Trinity sign marked out with slightly darker stone in the middle as you walk past the entrance part of the church (the narthex).


Chair sponsors - please come forward!

Whether you represent a group, yourself or a local organisation please do think about adding your name, your group’s name or the name of a loved one to those contributing to the new seating in church. We need 300 chairs, 100 have already been delivered. Holy Trinity church building has the largest capacity in this area and, as such, is much sought after for a wide range of musical events, concerts, special services, the hospice, the school, carol services. We hope to build on the community use of this amazing space. Chair sponsorship forms can be picked up from the church office in Butt Street or from the Porch room which is open all day except when events or services are happening.