Parish Directory

This allows its users to look up each others address, telephone numbers, email addresses. You can control your own entry to make details visible, e.g. a mobile telephone number, to amend details or to block them so that they cannot be seen by others. There are over 1, 000 records in the directory at present.

You may think of it as a being like an extended telephone directory for the 21st century.

It is live, online, and you may amend your entry at any time. You cannot affect anyone else's entry, and nothing is visible or accessible to anyone outside the directory.

It is very useful to our church because the Rector, the Electoral Officer, the Recorder, the Parish Magazine team and the Parish administrator can call up accurate up to date lists, devise rotas, etc from the directory that parishioners maintain for themselves. They would like you to register if you have not.

If you are already registered then you will know that you enter the directory by use of a pin number or password that is given to you on registration. If you have not registered then take a look at the registration form linked to this website. There is nothing personal recorded that you do not want to record! If you do register and then decide you want to de-register later, of course you may at any time.

The Data Privacy Notice for this Parish can be viewed here