What on earth is happening in the Churchyard

Installing Birdbox

This is a question you may well have asked if you'd been in the vicinity of the churchyard on a Monday some weeks ago. You might have been more specific. Why was someone on a ladder halfway up a tree? Why were some people starting and feeding a fire – surely its too early for a 5th November rehearsal? Why were others building small piles of twigs and small branches set against the end wall? Could this possibly have been a ritual dance around the skip?

Well, this was the first workday for the Churchyard Project. The tree climbing was to install bird boxes, the fire was to burn accumulated rubbish, the small piles were to create bug habitats, and what could have been taken for a ritual dance was the process of establishing approximate measurements. Eight volunteers under the supervision of project manager Richard Lewis from Stroud Valleys Project were busily engaged in these activities, having been preceded by a planning discussion.

The volunteers have formed a small organization – Friends of Minchinhampton Churchyard – primarily to facilitate the relationship with the PCC and other organizations but also to formalise funding for the Project. The initial Management Committee is: Gerry Robbins (Chair), David Homer (Secretary), Roger Rowland (Treasurer) and Denise Gibbons. In addition to the previous funding from the Parish Council, the PCC, and individuals, Minchinhampton Probus Club have recently kindly made a donation.

By the time you read this there will have been another workday. The following one will be on 18th May from 9.30 to 12.30. If you're interested in coming along or simply would like more information please leave your name with Christine in the church office and I'll be in contact.

Gerry Robbins