First Sunday of Lent - Jesus God's Divine Son


If John's baptism was for repentance from sin, why was Jesus baptised? While even the greatest prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel had to confess their sinfulness and need for repentance, Jesus didn't need to admit sin - he was sinless. Although Jesus did not need forgiveness he was baptised for the following reasons: to begin his mission to bring the message of salvation to all people; to show support for Johns ministry; to identify with our humanness and sin and to give us an example to follow. At the baptism the Spirit descended like a dove on Jesus, and the voice from heaven proclaimed the Father's approval of Jesus as his divine Son. For Mark, the most significant event is that this is the moment when Jesus' identity is given the absolute seal of divine approval. God himself declares Jesus to be His Son. The reader is in no doubt now, the story to come is the story of the Son of God. The Son of God signifies Jesus' full divinity as a member of a divine Trinity. Here we see all three members of the Trinity together - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
That Jesus is God's divine Son is the foundation for all that we read about Jesus in the Gospels.

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