Minchinhampton W.I - January 2017 Meeting

The President welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the year by wishing them a Happy New Year.

It was reported that £65.20 had been donated for the Air Ambulance Service by members at the successful Christmas Lunch and this had been forwarded. Details of various functions for the next few months were given, one of which was about the Glos. Federation Annual Council Meeting to be held in March when the main speaker will be Dr Lucy Worsley.

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Box W.I. - February 2017

It seems a long time since our Christmas Lunch at The Clothiers Arms in December and we now have to get down to our usual WI business!

January is the month when members pay their annual subscriptions and we hope to enroll some new members! We have an interesting and varied programme, are a very friendly group of ladies and always welcome new members. We meet in the morning, rather than the evening, which is a bonus, especially in the winter and have adequate parking! Come along and give us a try! If interested telephone Geraldine on 01453 832345.

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Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - January 2 2017

Many readers will remember the great advantage of Stima’s visit to Minchinhampton in May 2016 when he met many of the Link supporters and spent time in the town. The great advantage of having him with us for 10 days meant that we could discuss in depth ideas, suggestions and plans for future projects.

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Box W.I. - January 2017

Our AGM in November was very well attended and a new committee elected. We welcomed two new members, Susan Dew and Gill Edgell and thanked Penny Kendall, who stood down this year, for her time on the committee.

After the business, we had some light relief making paper Christmas Wreaths, organised by Shani Wills and Jane Large. These were made of leaves cut out from colourful paper, glued to a ring base. The result was amazing! (even my husband was impressed when he saw my handiwork, and that takes some doing!) We thank Shani and Jane very much for the time they spent in preparing for the workshop – lots of cutting out!

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Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - December 2016


In the last two parish magazines, we've reported on the setting up of a micro-finance scheme, with approximately £2000 capital raised by Minchinhampton, to be run by the villagers and organised by the elders with professional advice from the regional Co-operative Officer Mussa and our trusted, hard working and long-standing friend Stima Hassan.

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Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - February 2017

As readers will know, the Link sponsors 12 students at the Folk Development College (the FDC) at Urambo. (Urambo is ten miles from Nkokoto so most of the students live in at the college.) The 2014 – 16 group of six students finished their course in December and have been presented with a leaving toolkit from the Link. These tool kits comprise of a sewing machine each plus materials, thread, etc., for the four students completing their needlework/tailoring course and a woodwork tool kit for the two boys who finished their carpentry course. The cost of these tool kits is approximately 2,800,000 Tz shillings. This is about £1,000 in total - £170 per student, expensive but giving each student the opportunity to set themselves up with a trade and income, something not possible without the sponsorship given them by the Minchinhampton Nkokoto Link, and of course only possible because of the generosity of the sponsors and our supporters.) We plan to keep track of these “graduating” students to see how they use their qualifications and trade but as they don’t always stay living in their home village, this isn’t always possible. Stima took photos of the ceremony but unfortunately, when he was sending them to me from the internet café in Urambo, the assistant pressed the delete button by mistake!

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Messy Christingle 2016


This was my first Messy Christingle experience in Minchinhampton and one that was well attended by families. Alison Wood encouraged a great team of people to think creatively about light, fruits of the earth and prayer to share with the children.

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Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - January 2017

8Light17  Light2   Light3   Light4

Two models of solar-powered D-Lights (S1 on left, S20 on right). Each costs about £7-£8,
a month's wages for many families in Nkokoto. For us, two cups of coffee and a slice of cake.

Well over fifty people gathered at the Hub to listen to a beautifully illustrated talk by Dr Fran Wilson Copp "Season's Greetings - a colourful history of Christmas cards" on Wednesday 23rd Nov. Fortified against the November chill by mulled wine and the season's first round of mince pies, we saw how the images that decorate our cards of snow, robins, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus, the Three Kings etc. have developed over the past two hundred years.

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Minchinhampton W.I - December 2016 Meeting

As we gathered for our final meeting of the year we were greeted by a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree at the Library.

Our format was different this month as we began with the speaker, Mrs Aileen Bendal who is the Village and Community Agent for our area. Some of us knew of the scheme but many did not. She explained that the Agent bridges the gap between the local community and statutory and voluntary organisations able to offer help or support - a very comprehensive service. It is aimed at the over 50’s but help is available to any vulnerable person in the community. Questions were asked and answered and we now know that there is help at hand if required.

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Traidcraft - January 2017

The Traidcraft Christmas sale on November 15th was all we had hoped for in our last sale. We could not sum it up better than Bob Philpott who wrote of enjoying 'the wonderful company and the sheer joy of the occasion, knowing that our purchases are helping our neighbours in far off lands.' The takings on the day were £1,777.00.

One of the things I have admired about the way Traidcraft operate is that I have been able to introduce you to the actual people who have benefited from particular Traidcraft projects. So I thought in my final article I would pick out 3 characters who have specially stood out for me.

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Minchinhampton Ladies Club - December 2016

The Ladies Club was formed in the early 1990's taking over from the evening Minchinhampton W I. Since then we have met regularly in the Porch Room combining evening talks and demonstrations on a variety of topics, outings including Christmas lunches. Starting with 50 members we have now dwindled to 25 and no new members have joined recently. As we are not affiliated to any National body our insurance cover was higher than expected and therefore took most of our subscriptions. There has been difficulty in recruiting new committee members so it was decided by the present committee and members to terminate the Ladies Club at the end of this year. In December we are having a trip to the Cotswold Playhouse and Egypt Mill for our last Christmas meal.
Sue Smith