Minchinhampton Ladies Club - December 2016

The Ladies Club was formed in the early 1990's taking over from the evening Minchinhampton W I. Since then we have met regularly in the Porch Room combining evening talks and demonstrations on a variety of topics, outings including Christmas lunches. Starting with 50 members we have now dwindled to 25 and no new members have joined recently. As we are not affiliated to any National body our insurance cover was higher than expected and therefore took most of our subscriptions. There has been difficulty in recruiting new committee members so it was decided by the present committee and members to terminate the Ladies Club at the end of this year. In December we are having a trip to the Cotswold Playhouse and Egypt Mill for our last Christmas meal.
Sue Smith

Box W.I. - December 2016

We had a very interesting talk in October entitled “Know your Hormones” by Jenny West. It was comforting to know that serious hormone problems are rare but disquieting to learn that for this reason diagnosis is difficult!

Also in October, we were busy making poppies for Remembrance Day displays. Despite being a small WI we managed to produce a large number of knitted poppies which were then joined together by Angela Keen on instruction from the British Legion.

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Box W.I. - November 2016

A robust rendition of Jerusalem began our very enjoyable meeting in September; a Sing Along to the Sound of Music, in very lively fashion! This was organised by David Homer and his accomplished pianist, Paul Auster. We give them a big thank you for such a wonderful morning of entertainment!

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Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - October 2016

The latest development in the Link’s work in Nkokoto is to set up the new micro-finance scheme for villagers in Nkokoto village. Stima, our local representative, is working with the Co-operative Officer from Urambo and the village chairman to agree a structure of agreeing which applicants from the village will be the first to receive a loan, to a maximum of 10,000 Tanzanian Shillings (£40) in order to set up a business or enterprise which will benefit the village and give opportunities to improve the lives of the applicant. For example, we are hoping that some of those Nkokoto students who we have sponsored through their two years at the Urambo Folk Development College will return home and set up a business using their skills learnt during their two years at the college, perhaps, designing and making school uniforms, or providing a mobile phone charging service with a solar panel purchased through the scheme, or clothes for selling in the market at Urambo or even perhaps a bicycle business maintaining and repairing the bicycles we have provided for the Students attending Vumilia Secondary School. We will keep you all informed of how this exciting scheme develops.

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Minchinhampton W.I. - July Meeting 2016

Although it was one of the few warm, sunny days that we have had lately the meeting the meeting was well attended.

The meeting began with notices being given out. Our president, Diana, then welcomed 3 new members onto the committee. Our group prides itself on offering a wide variety of activities. The most recent outing was a visit to Nature in Art in Twigworth, this was very successful - those who attended appreciated the splendour of the Jacobean museum building that is surrounded by fields, hard to believe that it is just two miles from Gloucester. They also enjoyed the wide variety of art work on display as well as the delicious afternoon tea that followed. Members were also reminded to sign up for the summer lunch on 4th August and to choose what they were going to bring. On September 19th there will be the Group meeting at Nailsworth. The big fund raiser for the year will be the Dragon's Tears evening on 9th September, tickets are available from some of the committee. The guest speaker will also be selling her beautiful jewellery that she designs and makes.

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Box W.I. - July 2016

At our meeting on May 10th we discussed the two resolutions for 2017 – “The right of carers to support dementia patients in hospital” and “Avoidance of food waste by applying pressure on supermarkets”. After an excellent presentation by Germaine Ballinger and an animated discussion by our members, both campaigns were given unanimous support, even though we had reservations about the wording!

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Box Art Group - December 2016

Members of the Box Art Group have enjoyed the Autumn session which included two workshops run by artist Joan Marlow on aspects of sketching, composition and still life. Two unusual and interesting competitions have been set for members to enter and the two tutors gave very helpful commentaries on the entries. A film will be shown at the end of term. In the spring, an outing will be arranged as well as workshops. There are at present two or three vacancies and anyone interested would be welcome to come to an afternoon meeting to see what we do.

Ring Ann on 01453-832552 for details.

Minchinhampton W.I. - November Meeting 2016

The AGM was well attended. Before the meeting began the President welcomed members, four apologies were received and birthday cards were distributed. The record of the last meeting was read out and this was signed unopposed. Members were thanked for their help with the recent Tears of the Dragon evening. This was followed by correspondence from GFWI.

Members were then invited to choose the food they wanted from the Christmas lunch menu. At this lunch members will make a donation to the Air Ambulance charity. At today’s meeting members were invited to make a donation for the WI wreath at the parish church service for Remembrance Day.

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Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - November 2016


Teachers at Nkokoto School

As you may know from last month's magazine, the new micro-finance scheme for villagers in Nkokoto is about to be launched. The village committee of Elders and the regional Co-operative Officer have drawn up agreements and have invited villagers, as individuals or as small co-operative groups, to submit their plans to receive loans in order to set up a small business or service, the income from which will improve their lives and support their families. Besides providing the start-up capital for the whole scheme of 6 million shillings (just over £2000), we will cover the costs of fifteen days' training for elders and villagers to be carried out by our main contact with the Link, Stima, who several readers will have met when he was inMinchinhampton earlier this year, and Mussa (the Co-operative Officer.)

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Box W.I. - September 2016

Our meeting in July on “Locals and Strangers – Tales behind the names on the Wayside Cross” by Jane Bethell was very interesting especially to those who had done research into their own family history.

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Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - July 2016


Stima with Jo Smith in Nailsworth

Members, sponsors and supporters of the Link were thrilled that Stima, the Link’s representative in Nkokoto and Urambo, was able to spend ten days with us in Minchinhampton and Woodchester last month. Readers will remember that the cost of Stima’s visit was covered by donations from supporters of the Link and for this we are very grateful indeed. Stima travelled by bus from Urambo to Dar es Salaam, an 18 hour journey, then flew by Kenya Airways to Heathrow where Rod met him on May 9th.

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Traidcraft - July 2016

There is very good news about the future of Traidcraft in Minchinhampton. Jackie Natt, Sylvie Thomas and Deborah Smith have agreed to run the Traidcraft team between them from the start of 2017. Each will be responsible for a different area of the work. We would like to invite anyone interested in Traidcraft to have coffee with us on Thursday July 14th at 10.30 at 16 Ricardo Road. Do come if you are already a member of the Traidcraft team, if you would like to join the team, or if you are interested in Traidcraft and would like to hear the plans for the future. We look forward to seeing you.

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