Box W.I. - June 2013

At our April meeting, Vice President Geraldine welcomed 18 members and 1 new member. The business agenda was pretty full and Geraldine began by reading the delegate's report of G.F.W.I. Council meeting last month.

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Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - May 2013

The Link has elected Rod Harris, who many will know as the retired Headteacher of Minchinhampton School, as nkokoto1chairman.
Anne Brookes decided to stand down from being chairman after well over ten years of successfully leading the Link. During Anne's time as chairman, Nkokoto has experienced fantastic support from Minchinhampton and our thanks must go to Anne for her determination, devotion and dedication to improving the quality of life of the people of Nkokoto. Together with the committee, she has overseen the development of improved water supplies, building an enormous water tank to supply the school with clean fresh water, the installation of solar panels in the clinic and Headteacher's house, the setting up of an apiary with 50 bee hives, developing the farming of chickens with the villagers, purchasing equipment and supplies for the school, medical supplies for the clinic and funding the purchase of mosquito nets to protect children from mosquitoes and malaria .....And I expect I have left some items out from this list! Nkokoto and Minchinhampton have much to thank Anne for during the time she drove the Link so positively forwards. Thank you Anne, I just hope I can follow adequately in your footsteps.

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Box W.I. - May 2013

Our March meeting was well attended and a great deal of business was seen to. Members were told that our Quiz team in the County Tournament got through to the next round -with a high score - well done ladies.
However, at a recent Charity Quiz and Supper evening the WI team from Box found that their knowledge of Soul Music and Sport was not very good!
After coffee and the usual chat, the meeting welcomed David Homer and his pianist , for a Musical Workshop. Members donned hats and scarves and very soon were singing some of the well known songs from Oliver. There was a lot of laughter - some of the singing was right - and the final rendition actually sounded quite good !
TUESDAY 28th MAY - Resolutions Debate

Experience Easter

We welcomed five classes of 127 children of Keystage 1 pupils into the Parish church for Experience Easter. They participated in the Easter Story, which was told as the children journeyed around the church visiting different stations that had been created.

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Box W.I. - April 2013

Our February Meeting was in Spring sunshine, which was a relief after the cancellation of the January meeting due to the snow and ice. All but 2 of our members attended and we had 10 visitors! The added attraction was to hear Box resident Johnny Wilkinson give his talk "How I became a Broadcaster" - an interesting and intriguing insight into both the Colonial Service and the BBC.

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Minchinhampton W I - March 2013

Our February meeting opened with a good attendance and the welcome presence of three potential new members...... who hopefully will be persuaded by the range of activities in the coming days and weeks. This includes the monthly local lunch gathering, knitting and scrabble groups, a painting course, clay pigeon shooting, walks and a garden visit.

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Minchinhampton W.I. - March 2013 meeting

Perhaps it was the glorious sunshine that encouraged everyone to get out and come along to our March meeting, but whatever the stimulus it was full house for a meeting that was not quite what was expected.
It began with an outline of the various gatherings this month..... the regular lunch party, knitting and scrabble groups, the first heat of the County quiz, the county meeting, and events in coming months, like the invitation to a garden opening in Avening and an outing to Lydiard Park mansion and garden. It was then that the speaker, Mr Bob Browning, gave us not quite the surprise we had expected. We had been led to believe he would bring a mystery box of items he had collected, but for personal reasons he could not bring the box and instead provided us with an account of his own coast to coast walk intriguingly entitled " 200 miles plus a black toenail = £1000". With the aid of many photos he illustrated the route, the challenges and delights and the children at the school for which he raised the princely sum. It was quite a story and certainly deserved our admiration.
If you would like to be part of our activities come along at 2 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month to the Scout Hut in Dr. Brown's Rd.

Community Library News - May 2013

Thanks to all the efforts of the Volunteers and Trustees, Minchinhampton Community Library continues to fulfil an important need for the town and the official figures published by Gloucestershire County Council prove it !
During the month of March, loans were made by each of the Community Libraries as follows :-
Berkeley : 677
Bream : 321
Brockworth : 1,050
Lechlade : 922
Minchinhampton : 1,693
Mitcheldean : 973
Newnham : 316
Painswick : 660
So well done to all of those involved and also a big 'thank you' to all who continue to support the Community Library by using it as without you, there would be no reason for continuing the service.

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Traidcraft News - April 2013

Once again Fairtrade Fortnight has been splendidly celebrated in Minchinhampton!
This year we centered our Fairtrade Eucharist on the children. In their worship, they learnt about some of the smallholders who are helped by Traidcraft (one charming answer to 'what is a smallholder?' was 'people who grow small things'). Each child was given a card with a photo of a smallholder on it. They then found the sheet with information about their smallholder, and filled in their own card with details. When they came into church, John Hunnisett, who was presiding, asked them questions. Each one gave very clear answers, in particular in saying what Traidcraft had done to help the smallholder on their card. Some examples which specially interested them were: teaching them how to get better crops; helping them to earn more so that their children could be better educated; using the Fairtrade premium to bring water and electricity to their homes.

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Minchinhampton Community Library - April 2013

Gloucestershire Older Persons Association
The Gloucestershire Older Persons Association (GOPA) held a consultation workshop in the Library on 6th March entitled 'Tea & Tell' and they will be undertaking another in due course – watch for posters and more news in due course. Anyone over 50 who is interested in taking part in the session can find out more from the GOPA website ( or from the Library.

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News from Cotswold Care - March 2013

Mark the longest day of the year by taking part in a sponsored walk in aid of Cotswold Care Hospice. People can take part in the Solstice Walk on June 21 in memory of a loved one. The evening 10km country walk will start and finish at the hospice grounds in Minchinhampton and be open to everyone.

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Traidcraft News - March 2013

When I did the final accounting for the Christmas Traidcraft sales I found we had sold an amazing £2,200 worth of goods. In addition about £150 had been given in donations. By putting the profits made from recent sales with the donations, I was able to send £684 to Traidcraft Exchange, the Traidcraft charity.

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