Minchinhampton W.I. - May 2018

The most recent meeting was held on April 4th. We were welcomed by the President and apologies from members unable to attend were read out. Members with an April birthday were given cards.

A report was given on the Annual council Meeting in Cheltenham. Preparations were discussed for hosting the Commons Edge Group Meeting in May.

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Minchinhampton W.I. - April 2018

Minchinhampton W.I. met in the Library on March 7th. The president welcomed members and gave out birthday cards to those celebrating birthdays in March.

W.I. business included: Discount for those visiting Countryside Live at Blenheim House in August; Walks at Mitcheldean and Cleeve Hill; Bowls taster session at Glos Spa Bowling Club; Makume Game workshop; Talk on Paganism. It was decided to donate the W.I. Poppy collection to the town appeal for a display in the Undercroft to celeb
rate the end of WWI. Members were reminded of the Group meeting to be held on May 9th at the Hub.

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Minchinhampton Nkokoto Link - April 2018

Armyworms: Fortunately, gardeners and farmers in the UK don’t have to deal with many of the problems that our friends in Tanzania have to face, and of course Nkokoto is lucky in that, being in the north-west of the country, it doesn’t have elephants tramping over the crops as do parts of safari park Tanzania!

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Minchinhampton Nkokoto Link - March 2018

Since the beginning of January, we have agreed to increase the capital available for loans in the micro-finance scheme. The village elders had asked for this and it means that money will be available for more villagers to develop and/or set up their small businesses. Also, 516 villagers will be given family sized mosquito nets and solar powered lights. Remember that, although electricity has now reached Nkokoto, the vast majority of villagers can’t afford to have it fitted in to their houses or pay for the power.

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Box W.I. - March 2018

We had a good start to the New Year on 9th January, with a talk by Nick Humphris on the archeology of the Chedworth Roman Villa Site. There are lots to see there plus a visitor centre and would be well worth a visit.

Our re-scheduled Christmas lunch on the 16th January at the Bear Hotel was a very enjoyable event. The food was excellent and we were very well looked after by the staff. In fact, we were so impressed that we will be booking for next year! Our members have decided that January is preferable to December when everyone is not so busy!

We have knitted an amazing number of premature babies’ hats – all different sizes and colours. One member has knitted over 100! The final total may well reach 150 …or more!

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Box W.I. - February 2018

Unfortunately, our Christmas Lunch at the Bear Hotel in December had to be cancelled due to the snow! However, The Bear was quite happy to re-schedule it for another date in January. At the time of going to press, we are looking forward to the revised date of 16th January. Some members who were unable to make the original meeting are now able to join us!

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Traidcraft Annual Report - April 2018

It was with some trepidation that Jackie Natt and I took over from Clare Cooper at the beginning of 2017. She has always been so enthusiastic and committed to the Traidcraft brand and the whole philosophy of Fair Trade. However, with the support of many members of the congregation, and Clare’s advice and experience, we have managed to have a very successful first year.

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Box W.I. - April 2018

At our February meeting we had a fascinating talk by Eileen Hopcraft on Dolls Houses. She brought along a display of dolls houses made by herself aided by her husband, based on various themes. She explained the problem was keeping all the items in the houses in proportion, which in-volved ingenuity and imagination in the construction and lots of patience!

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Traidcraft - March 2018

FairTradeThere are lots of hidden entrepreneurs in the world….and not all of them drive sports cars!! Many are people who have the talent and determination to succeed, but lack the opportunity. They don’t run international businesses but have the raw ingredients to create something special. 

Although talent , ingenuity and skill are distributed evenly across the world not everyone is able to access education or an economy that supports their ambition . Not everyone even has three meals every day.

Traidcraft Exchange seeks to help these hidden entrepreneurs. They offer advice on soil erosion, seed choices and fertilisers. They also offer training courses on business, finance and marketing matters.

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Minchinhampton W.I. - March 2018

The Minchinhampton W.I met in the Library on the 7th February. The President welcomed all members and a special welcome was extended to a new member. A thank you was received from a member who had celebrated her 90th Boxing Day birthday at the last meeting.

Members were invited to participate in walks around Lydney or Staunton or take part in a glass engraving workshop.

It is intended to join Rover European on a day out to Richmond on Thames and the Poppy Factory in November.

Arrangements were made for the Craft Group, the Scrabble Group and the Skittle lunch. We no longer play skittles but enjoy the lunch!

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Traidcraft - February 2018

We now have the figures in for the sales in 2017. The sales of Traidcraft products in 2017 was over £6,000 pounds!! We also managed to give an extra £500 pounds as a donation to Traidcraft ‘s work.

Well done everyone!! This is a magnificent amount and it’s all down to YOU!! This means that Holy Trinity is now known as a ‘Traidcraft Super Trader’!!

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Minchinhampton W.I. - February 2018

The President welcomed all members, two visitors and the speaker to the first meeting of the year, which was held a week later than normal because of the New Year holiday. We began with the business section of the meeting and it was reported that a generous amount of £50.50 had been donated at our Christmas lunch and this had been passed on to the Air Ambulance.

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