Traidcraft - March 2017

Many thanks to everyone who came along to our Fairtrade Fortnight events....the Big Brew, the Traidcraft tea party and the Traidcraft Sunday Breakfast. A very special ‘thank you’ to all the volunteers who gave up their time to help prepare the room, run the stalls, make cakes, wash up ...and all the many other jobs. Traidcraft events would not happen without you!!

Over the fortnight we focused mainly on the beautiful handmade crafts made by the Indian artisans and especially the group from Noah’s Ark who specialise in making handmade goods from recycled materials (often collected from the rubbish tips!). These items will be available on other Traidcraft Sundays. Please do ask if you would like to buy anything.

One in 9 people in the world today do not have enough to eat.....that is why Traidcraft exists. Not by giving out short term handouts but by working alongside these people to give them the skills they need to grow more, earn more and to change their lives for good. People like Patrick, a farmer in Africa who said that before Fairtrade his children ate maize...nothing else. Now his children have a balanced diet and are healthier and stronger.

Everything you buy from Fairtrade goes towards helping all the ‘Patricks’ in the world. Thank you.

As Easter approaches, look out for our Easter eggs, Easter cards and new spring items on sale at the Sunday Traidcraft stall.
Future event ....a Traidcraft clothes show coming soon in June! Look out for more details later.

Jackie Natt