Minchinhampton W.I - January 2017 Meeting

The President welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the year by wishing them a Happy New Year.

It was reported that £65.20 had been donated for the Air Ambulance Service by members at the successful Christmas Lunch and this had been forwarded. Details of various functions for the next few months were given, one of which was about the Glos. Federation Annual Council Meeting to be held in March when the main speaker will be Dr Lucy Worsley.

Our speakers, Whisper & Shout of Stroud, were then introduced and they proceeded to show us and tell us about the different types of puppets which are used around the world. They had brought a selection and we were amazed at the variety - a demonstration of hand puppets brought back memories of different ones we and our children had watched on TV - some shows are still being produced, i.e. Sooty and his friends.

We were then shown the stringed puppets, some small and light and some bigger and heavier which are rod and string. Some come from China, Java and India. All are beautifully painted and have bright materials.

The show finished with a display of shadow puppetry.

After tea we were given a very good presentation by Germaine who took us through the six proposed Resolutions which had been chosen for 2017. All members of the WI can choose one which they think is the most important and our votes are sent to County level where the overall winner will be forwarded to National level for more discussion and then presentation at the Annual Meeting in June. The successful Resolution(s) form the basis of WI national campaigns and educational activity for the coming years."

A very busy afternoon but a good beginning.

Thank you