Stewardship 2016/2017

Stewardship Prayer

God of love, Give us grace to accept your gifts joyfully
And to use them generously to your glory and praise
Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Please consider what you give

We need to finance our church life, whether that is work with families and young people, pastoral care within the community, for the resources we use in worship and for the clergy team. That’s what Stewardship Giving funds.
Please do not confuse Stewardship Giving with Giving to the Appeal that Holy Trinity will be making to you to raise funds to pay for the challenge of refurbishing Holy Trinity church.

Both are important and both deerve your consideration this year.

Across our parish, our Churches of Holy Trinity and St Barnabas offer:

  • Daily services of Holy Communion and Evening Prayer.
  • Services for life events: Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms, Confirmation.
  • Close links with our Church of England Primary Academy.
  • Messy Church and experience events for children and families, events for
    uniformed organisations, Wednesday Cuppa.
  • Community gatherings, concerts and choirs.
  • Our Churches are places to express joy, sorrow, celebrate and give thanks.
  • Our Churches are open every day for prayer and quiet reflection.

What do we expect our churches to cost this year?

 Budgeted Expenses in 2016  
 Cost of Ministry Team  £75,945
 Property costs of churches  £28,229
 Church Running costs and Admin  £46386
 Total  £150,560

What money will our churches receive this year?

 Budgeted Income in 2015  
 Planned Giving  £118,475
 Collections and Donations  £17,000
 Fess and Trading Income  £15,620
 Total  £151,095

The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS)


Last Year our PCC voted unanimously to adopt the Parish Giving Scheme administered by our Diocese because it improves our cash flow, allowspainless increases to giving, and reduces our parish administration significantly. In 2015 more than 70 stewardship givers have already switched to this scheme. We hope that you have agreed to, or will agree to, give through PGS too.

What is the Parish Giving Scheme?

An easy way to give money to the churches,which helps us budget and manage our finances better. You fill in a direct debit form for the Diocese. Pat Swift, our Recorder, will supply and send off the form for you, and is available to give advice. It is a simple form to fill in.

What are the advantages?

The money leaves your account on the 1st of each month and goes to the Diocese. The Diocese does all the hard work of claiming Gift Aid (if you are a tax payer, the government can give us an extra 25% on everything you give at no cost to you). Every penny you give, plus Gift Aid, is in the church account by 10th of each month.


no envelopes to fill in and remember each week. The optional tick box to give a small increase each year in line with inflation is a painless way to keep your giving in line with real costs.


the Diocese does the hard work. We don't wait a year to get Gift Aid: it comes each month. It helps us budget and make the most of your giving. The option to increase giving helps us meet rising costs.

Please consider changing how you give if you still give by standing order or through the envelope scheme.

Officers of the churches, and PCC members have switched to give by direct debit on the first of each month.
Over a third of us have switched to the Parish Giving Scheme
  •  If you are a regular contributor to Stewardship please consider giving by the PGS scheme.
  •  If you give regularly and pay tax, please consider completing a Gift Aid Form, or ticking the Gift Aid option on the PGS form, which  increases the amount we receive by 25%. It doesn't cost you a penny and if you are a higher rate taxpayer you will benefit.
  •  If you are not a regular churchgoer but believe a church at the heart of Minchinhampton and Box is important, please consider an annual donation as a “Friend”.
Please consider what you give

If you already give to our churches, please consider whether you are able to increase that to match inflation. It is your generosity upon which the life and work of our church depends - there is no other source of finance.

There are further stewardship packs available at the back of church if you think you know someone who does not receive the magazine, but might like to give or become 'a Friend'.

If you have any questions, contact either the Rector (Tel 882289) or Pat Swift (Tel 885231). If you prefer to give as you do currently, using existing bankers order, Gift Aid statement, and/or envelopes, please confirm that to Pat Swift.

Only you know how much you can give,
but please give generously
and if you can please use Gift Aid