DennisMenaceThis year is the 80th anniversary of the comic Beano, the home of Dennis the Menace. The theme of the Summer Reading Challenge is therefore “Mischief Makers” . As children read library books, they will col-lect stickers to help them find buried treasure, and there’s a certificate for all who complete the challenge.

Don’t like Dennis the Menace? Don’t worry, you don’t have to read the books on the theme; just borrow and read at least 2 books from the library on 3 different occasions over the course of the summer holidays and you will still get your stickers and certificate.

The challenge starts on 14th July and ends on 8th September but you can enrol any time between those dates. The library opening hours are: Mon: 2 – 5 pm, Tue and Thurs: 10 am-12.30 pm & 2-5.30 pm, Fri: 10 am – 12.30 pm & 2-5 pm, and Sat: 10 am-12.30 pm.