Friday March 2nd, at 3pm The Hub

WomensPrayer0218The “Women’s World Day of Prayer” this year is being giv-en by Minchinhampton Baptist church and the service has been prepared by the women of Suriname with the title “All God’s Creation is Very Good”.

Every year, a different coun-try hosts the day of prayer. A wave of prayer begins on the international dateline in the Pacific at sunrise on the first Friday in March, continuing then around the world and finishing back in the Pacific when the last service of the day is held at sunset. The service will have been translated into over 60 languages and 1,000 dialects, celebrated in 170 countries and islands; here in the UK, some 6,000 services will take place.

Suriname, the host country for 2018, lies in the north-eastern part of South America and has a multi-ethnic population of 540,000, 90% of whom live in coastal areas and 10% in the vast forests of the interior. The official language is Dutch but Sranam (an English-based creole language) is also spoken. There is freedom of religion laid down in the constitution; 48.4% are Christian, 22.2% Hindu, 13.8% Muslim, 1.8% follow traditional religions and 0.8% Javanism.

Suriname, like other countries today, feels the effects of worldwide climate change—drought, hurricane and storm caused by global warming, environmental changes, human activity etc. The day of prayer gives us the opportunity to stop, think and balance God’s creation with Man’s creations—Christians and non Christians alike. The women of Suriname have ad-dressed this in the service they have prepared.

ALL are welcome—men, women and children. For more information: Women's World Day of Prayer website