Annual Report - April 2017

The Committee has met regularly through the year, continuing its regular review and planning of all the services across the year: the weekly routine, major festivals and special services. There have been fewer new developments to discuss or review this year but some key points noted in our meetings have been:
• much appreciation from baptism families for the welcome they received and the arrangements made for the baptism itself and, in some cases, accommodating a large number of guests
• growth in attendance at Sung Evensong, linked to the strengthened choir membership
• the need to keep recruiting to the Junior Church rota, so that we can offer this for children regularly even if numbers are small
• the range of spirituality-related activities across the parish, which include a house group, Reflections, Faith Matters and Revd Sandy Emery’s group
• linking to diocesan prayer and vision initiatives
• Prayer vigils have continued successfully through the year.
• Members of the committee attended the benefice Vision Day and we have had an initial discussion of the worship elements of the report. The coming year will see us reviewing the work and composition of the committee as necessary to take forward the actions from the report when agreed.
• The committee also contributed ideas about the opportunities that will arise from the re-ordering of the church to the responses to questions from statutory consultees.
• I’m grateful to all the committee members for their lively and thoughtful contributions to our discussions, and their commitment to ensuring our worship is varied and welcoming to all.

Margaret Sheather