Annual Report - April 2016

The Committee has met regularly through the year, continuing its regular review and planning of all the services across the year: the weekly routine, major festivals and special services. Building on the previous year’s work with the Rector we have continued to review and develop the newer aspects of our worship as well:
• the All Age service on the first Sunday of the month, and the role of Junior Church within that service
• the new order of service that integrates baptism more fully into the Eucharist
• changed pattern of Sunday evening services
• new arrangements for intercessions and including prayer resources for the week in the pew sheet
• developing Junior Church’s own worship
• making provision for alternative seating in the baptistery for people who can’t sit in the pews

Come and pray sessions have continued successfully through the year.

The Committee also discusses our welcome to people attending worship and to the community in general. The Rector reported very successful visits, with lay people, to the new residents in Old Common Mews and The Paddocks before Christmas, which had resulted in some of them joining Christmas services.

I’m grateful to all the committee members for their lively and thoughtful contributions to our discussions, and their commitment to ensuring our worship is varied and welcoming to all.

Margaret Sheather