The Parochial Church Council, or P.C.C., is an executive committee of the parish with powers and duties defined by certain Acts of Parliament. The membership consists of the clergy and churchwardens of the parish, together with a number of representatives of the laity elected by the annual parochial church meeting of the parish. The P.C.C. secretary and the treasurer are elected from the PCC. In addition there are three ex officio members who are the elected members of the Deanery Synod.
The P.C.C. has the responsibility of co-operating with the incumbent in promoting in the ecclesiastical parish, the whole mission of the church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical. Formally, the P.C.C. is responsible for the financial affairs of the church and the care and maintenance of the church fabric and its contents. It also has a voice in the forms of service used by the church and may make representations to the bishop on matters affecting the welfare of the parish.
The P.C.C. operates through committees (see links in left hand column), which meet between full meetings of the P.C.C. and feed back to the next full meeting. There are twelve specialist committees, each with its own designated responsibilities.
Members of the P.C.C are:
 Chair:  The Rector
 Associate Priest:  The Reverend Sandy Emery
 Reader:  Linda Jarvis
 Churchwardens:  Mandy Jutsum
   Howard Browning
 Hon Treasurer:  John Jutsum
 Hon Secretary:  Jamie Dalrymple-Hamilton
 Convener at Box:  Vacant
 Deanery Synod Representatives:  Linda Jarvis
   Margaret Sheather
   Sarah Rogaly
 Elected Councillors:  Simon Ritter
   Alison Wood
   Mary Codling
   Martin Dence
   Michael Gwilliam
   Roy Wilson
   Jackie Natt
   Ian Jarvis
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