Annual Report - April 2017

This committee has continued its work with the aim of spreading the word of the Gospel and to share Gods love in the wider community.
Come and Pray - Our regular come and pray mornings have continued, covering a wide range of themes including Bishop Rachel’s Theme of “vision for our churches” [perhaps the most challenging] Remembrance, Praying for Peace and Prayers for our Community. Attendance during the mornings is stable with a loyal group of people coming for differing periods of time. The quiet contemplative nature of the mornings is appreciated by those who come. We continue to encourage the congregation to write simple prayers for us to include – with varying success. The children of Minchinhampton school are also invited to write prayers and these form the vast majority of our offerings. With regard to the school, we have moved some dates of prayer mornings to avoid their “pinch points” e.g. September when their work load is high.
The Vision Document produced following the “Away Day” has also been before us and we are exploring ways to implement the suggestions raised.
Charitable giving - This year PCC selected, from the list of congregation proposals, the following charities to be supported from our Christmas and Easter collections:-Medicins sans Frontieres, Save the Children, Alzheimer’s Research, Crisis, Stroud Court and Minchinhampton Riding for the Disabled.
Thank you to the committee – Tim Mowat, Bill Evans Linda Jarvis, Lauren Turley, Sybil Cox, Deborah Curram, Rev Helen, and Cheryl Ritter [ chair] for all their hard work. Many thanks also to all those who help us. Colin Brooks, Ruth Mowat, Paul Boon.

Cheryl Ritter