Annual Report - April 2016

This committee has continued its work with the aim of spreading the word of the Gospel and to share Gods love in the wider community.

Prayer Vigils.
During the last year this event was reviewed and renamed “Come and Pray” with the aim that it would be seen as a more “user friendly” name. This change will be reviewed after a year. Publicity and explanations of the event have been increased using both church news and magazine, emphasising the quiet contemplative nature of the morning. Attendance at the morning is variable but increasing. We continue to enjoy the participation of the school with their contribution of written prayers and continue to encourage the congregation to participate in the same way and also to come and experience the morning. We hold 4 events each year and our themes cover a wide variety of issues with themes discussed and chosen by the committee but prayers on any subject are accepted and offered up.

New Homes and Welcome Packs.
Helen designed a “Welcome Pack” to introduce the church to newcomers. We had the first packs to hand out during the Country Fayre. Helen with the help of Angie Ayling and Jackie Natt then visited each of the new homes in the town introducing themselves, the church and giving them a welcome pack. They were well received.

Country Fayre.
Along with “Messy Church”, we had a stall in the market place where we showcased activities available during the week e.g. Wednesday cuppa and our musical and charity work, speaking to many people. On review, we feel that the centre of the fayre has shifted away from the market place to the field and a new strategy will be looked at for 2017.

Charitable Giving
We again invited the congregation to nominate charities for consideration and then invited the PCC to select the six charities for the year – 2 international, 2 national and 2 local. The selected charities for this year are:- Crisis, Winston’s Wish, Water Aid, Barnabas fund, Marah Trust and James Hopkins Trust.

Thank you to the committee – Tim Mowat, Bill Evans, Linda Jarvis, Lauren Turley, the Rector and Cheryl Ritter [Chair] for all their hard work. Thanks also to those who help us :- Ruth Mowat, Colin Brooks, Stephen Jarvis, Sandy Emery and Paul Boon. We welcomed Sybil Cox to the committee recently.