Annual Report - April 2017

2016 proved to be a little quieter both at home and away. Fundraising has intentionally been more subdued in order not to dissipate the overall thrust of seeking financial support from the parish for the Re-ordering of Holy Trinity. The Masasi Group hosted a successful cake and coffee morning addition to parish breakfast mornings, resulting in £421.60 being raised as our contribution to SWIM. The SWIM Campaign Appeal is spearheaded by The Friends of Masasi and Newala in order to provide water conservation projects in Masasi.

In Masasi we have sponsored one medical student at Mtwara. Baraka is on a three year course to become a medical attendant. Also on the health side we contributed £300 towards two eye operations and aftercare which cost £1,000 in total. A further £250 was spent on new text books for Rondo School. Finally Jo Smith has assisted in the funding for clergy wives in the establishment of an animal co-operative which embraces chickens and pigs and we are advised that they have a pregnant pig!

Although we have had a more modest year than in the past I must still express my thanks and appreciation to all members of the Masasi Group for the hard work and dedication which goes in to our support for our friends in Masasi. It should be remembered that our friends in Tanzania appreciate our support in the certain knowledge that we are always available to offer help and assistance when needed both in prayer and in substance.

Andrew Watton