Annual Report - April 2016

Over the past year life in the tower has continued to flourish, with ringing improving noticeably as the weeks and months passed. It is most pleasing that we now raise and lower predominantly in peal and ring a variety of methods on a Sunday morning. Individuals have made considerable progress over the year and I feel that they are all challenging themselves as well as enjoying ringing for the majority of time!

There have been several notable events over the year: the highly successful tower outing organised by Paul enabled 20+ ringers (including some friends from other towers) to ring in what were, for most, totally new towers; we enjoyed an annual meal together at Egypt Mill; Angie learned a lot on the Hereford weekend course in April, getting to grips with Stedman Triples while 4 of us attended the autumn training day (Tony acting as a helper, Paul and Angie focusing on Stedman Doubles and Naoko on progression from 6 bells to 8); at the branch striking competition, we excelled ourselves and came 3rd (in a joint team with some Woodchester ringers); Naoko was nominated branch ‘Ringer of the Year’ and, at the same meeting, Tony was appointed to the role of assistant ringing master and we were asked to nominate ourselves for branch ‘tower of the year’; Naoko rang her first quarter peal at the rededication service of the Sanctus Bell, Angie has clocked up a few personal firsts in quarter peals on 6 and 8 bells and Tony is now in high demand throughout the branch and beyond, ringing peals and quarter peals frequently. Our next target is to ring a quarter peal at Minchinhampton without the support of outside ringers!

We are thrilled to have 2 learners – Andy and Eva – who are making great progress – and there are other new (returning) ringers living locally, or about to move here, so our numbers are looking good. Anyone interested in finding out more about what we get up to should come along on a Friday evening at 7.30pm!