Good Friday mini Messy Church

On Good Friday we had a mini Messy Church event in the morning. Craft activities included making an Easter garden on a plate with the empty tomb and the three crosses. Children had chickens to colour that sat on a little nest in which we placed Easter eggs for them to have later. Easter egg shapes were decorated and prayers written on them by the children to hang on a prayer tree during the worship service.
Dice were made so that they would remember that the soldiers gambled over Jesus' cloak. A biscuit was decorated for them to take home and eat. In all the children really enjoyed the activities.
We held a short worship service, which included a couple of hymns they sang as the music group played for them. It was wonderful to watch the children as the story of Easter was being told. We ended by children and parents and helpers all eating hot crossed buns.
Thank you to all the helpers who made Good Friday Messy Church so successful.