19 September - Archaeology - Sweet Cigarette Card

This morning's star find at Holy Trinity Church Minchinhampton is another cigarette card, this time squarely aimed at children.
This Barratt & Co card from 1955 is from a pack of 'Mickey's Sweet Cigarettes' featuring Tinker Bell from Disney's Peter Pan, number 32 of a series of 35. You'd have to 'smoke' a lot of sweet cigarettes to get the full set...

Chiz Harward BA MCIfA   Urban Archaeology

Tinkerbell1 Tinkerbell2

18 September - Archaeology - Inscribed Limestone

A beautiful day up at Holy Trinity, Minchinhampton. Inside, the contractors are clearing the last of the timber so the paving slabs can be lifted.
In the rubble and dust under the pews we've found two more pieces of inscribed limestone: a possible consecration cross and another fragment of masons' setting out.
When a church is built or substantially rebuilt it is blessed and consecrated by the Bishop in twelve places around the church. These locations are marked with carved and/or painted consecration crosses. Altar slabs (mensa) also have consecration crosses.

Chiz Harward BA MCIfA   Urban Archaeology

ConsecrationCross MasonsSettingOut

16 September - Archaeology - Cigarette Card

Not everything we're finding under the pews at Holy Trinity church, Minchinhampton, is that old...this cigarette card fell through a crack in the floorboards in the early twentieth century. Cigarette cards stiffened packets of cigarettes and from the late 19th century sets of themed cards were printed, with albums produced for card collectors. No. 42 in a series of 50 cards on 'Celebrated Gateways' this card by John Player and Sons dates from 1909.
Was a worshipper desperate for a cigarette, were children engaging in illicit card swaps during prayers, or did reading about St Laurence's Gate, Drogheda relieve a particularly boring sermon? We will never know!

Chiz Harward BA MCIfA   Urban Archaeology

CigaretteCard1 CigaretteCard2


14 September - Archaeology - Mason's Slab

Following with this year's ecclesiastical theme we've just started work today at a new site at the parish church of Holy Trinity in Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire; we're going to be posting a lot more on the project as it progresses, but for the moment here's one of our first findings from beneath the pews….
Scribed into this limestone slab are a series of straight lines and arcs that describe the setting out of the complex tracery design of one of the church windows. The sinuous ogee curve of the tracery can be made out, with arcing cusps which would have formed the pointed tops of the window lights. There are more fragments nearby, so we're hoping to be able to piece together the full design, and will be checking to see if it matches any of the surviving medieval tracery.
We're not yet sure whether this setting out dates from the medieval church, or from a major rebuild in 1842, but either way it is a rare insight into the thought process of the mason, and a reminder of the geometry that lies behind window tracery.

Chiz Harward BA MCIfA   Urban Archaeology

Masons slab


12 September 2017 - Work gets underway with removal of pews etc

 thb P1090812  thb P1090815  thb P1090816  thb P1090817  thb P1090826  thb P1090828  thb P1090829

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21 August 2017 - Removal of Asbestos Begins

 thb IMG 0795  thb P1090760  thb P1090761  thb P1090773  thb P1090775

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20 August 2017 - Pews last Sunday

Photographs taken during the last Sung Eucharist to take place before work to reorder the church building gets underway can be seen here

7 April 2017 - Faculty for Re-ordering of Parish Church submitted

A formal application for a faculty was submitted to the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) for consideration on or about 7 April. The main documents can be downloaded (see below) and in addition there are a series of drawings which have been on display in the Parish Church over recent months. We are now pleased to say that the Faculty has been granted and work on the re-ordering is to commence on Monday 21 August. Your support over the past months and the coming weeks and months is greatly appreciated.

Statement of Need

Holy Trinity Church, Minchinhampton Design Statement

Holy Trinity Church Outline Technical Specification

Statement of Significance produced by Chiz Harward BA MlfA.  (This is a large file and will take a little while to download)

Archaeological Evaluation Report by Chiz Harward BA MlfA

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